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Renovation Rundown

Renovation Rundown
We know renovations can be overwhelming, chaotic, and messy! We have put together a list of our most commonly asked questions that can hopefully help put your mind at ease before Demo Day






o What type of renovations do you do? Kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, conversions, full home remodel- no project is too big, no budget is too small.



o Where is your office located? We have an office space on Katelyn and Kyle’s property on Johns Island. However, we usually meet onsite at your renovation location or at a local supply house (if we’re shopping for finishings).



 o   How do you manage unexpected issues? Always expect the unexpected!  We will help prepare your budget for unforeseen complications. Our team has the expertise to resolve these issues and will do our best to reduce the impact on timeline and budget.



 o   Will you obtain a permit for the renovation? We have our general contractors license which allows us to pull proper permits so that our clients don’t have to worry about this part of the process at all!



o   Who is my person of contact? At the beginning of your project, you will have access to all three of our owners at all times. Kyle is our project manager who will oversee your renovation from start to finish and can answer any questions you may have regarding timeline, budget and logistics. Katelyn is our designer who manages all of the details of the job- layout, textile and fixture purchases, material finishes and final touches. Ben is our general contractor and manages the construction process. He will be onsite with our construction team to make sure all projects run smoothly. 



o   How is cleanup handle? At the end of everyday, our construction team tidies up the jobsite upon leaving. Upon completion of the project, we have a cleaning team detail all areas of the home that were affected by the renovation process.  Renovations are messy! There’s no way around it! But we do our best to minimize the project’s mess-impact on your home.


 o   What is the expected payment schedule? After contract details are finalized, a general timeline guide of work will be sent over, in addition to a payment schedule (which varies upon the job). Generally, we split the total into five installments with the initial being 25% down payment and the final being 5% of the total cost, due after completion. 


o   Do you guarantee a deadline? Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee any timeline dates due to unpredictable seen obstacles along the way. But we DO promise to keep you posted throughout the project, updating you on any changes to the timeline. Trust us! We’re just as eager to get you back into your new and improved space!


o   Can I live in my home throughout the renovation? This varies depending on the project, but the answer is almost always yes! - for kitchens and bathrooms, you can expect to be without for several weeks. We organize our work so its condensed as much as possible. We have lived through many renovations ourselves, and will provide our tips to survive the process!


o   How can I cut costs? We recognize that, no matter what your budget is, everyone has limits! We do our best to prepare you with all costs that you can expect to incur, and our designers are skilled in helping you source materials that will fit your budget without sacrificing on style. We will be candid on our advice on where it is important to invest on quality pieces. We provide a purchase list, which will indicate average prices per item that you can expect to pay, prior to signing any contracts.


o   My project is in Charleston, but I am not. Can I still work with your company? Absolutely! Vacation homes, second homes, rentals, even your main home while you’re away on vacation! We have had many clients who manage their projects remotely! We are happy to work with clients near and far & will keep constant communication with you- videos and pictures included! Whatever you need to help you feel more comfortable about the project.


o How do I address imperfections at the end of a job? At the end of every project, we have a final walk through. We advise that you keep a running list of touchups you wish to be addressed. Patience is key, as the details are everything! But we will be sure to address all needs before we say our final farewells.