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Behind the Shots: Shallah

It takes many minds to get a remodel accomplished

but one of our favorite’s is the one who takes the final shots!



Meet Shallah





Wrapping up the end of a remodel always brings satisfaction for us and our clients, but seeing it in a photograph takes it to another level.


Shallah Dozier

- the man behind the shots of Mind of Divine- started picking up photography with a drone purchased off of Amazon- ho cool! He enjoyed capturing the panoramic shots so much he upgraded to a spiffier version and took the most epic shots all over Charleston (we all know Charleston has views that will take your breath away). Live 5 News started to feature some of his images and that’s when he knew he wanted to step up his photography to another mindset.









Shallah works full time as the Director of Trident Kids Academy. He enjoys watching and helping each child grow and excel and continues relationships with children years past their time at the academy. Much like his full time job, photography allows him to help others capture forever moments and assist people in building their brand or business.


When asked what his favorite photoshoots consist of, Shallah stated:


“I enjoy real estate and remodels the most because it’s peaceful—It gives ideas of home decor, you’re not forcing anyone to smile, and it shows creativity in the designs chosen. I also enjoy creating creative portraits, with reflection puddles, floating illusion images etc.”


We knew we hired the right guy :)




Photography has certainly expanded over the last 20 years and Shallah agrees modern day photography has opened up the door for more versatile shooting. It allows for mistakes to be corrected on site as opposed to film, where you didn’t correct until its developed… that’s if It turned out great. He recently purchased a 360 camera— we can only imagine the shots he can capture with that!





Shallah truly has a talent and maybe we can sneak into his luggage when he finally makes that bucket list trip to shoot at the Ancient Pyramids in Egypt! We look forward to working with him in the months and years to come. Be sure to check out his facebook and instagram accounts:



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